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Die alte Sith Garde • Newsarchiv vom September 2002

Shadowbane Release verschoben !

von Darkseight am 13. Sep 2002 19:01

Dear Fans of Shadowbane,

Wolfpack Studios and ubi.com have decided to extend Shadowbane’s beta test period so that we have sufficient time to implement and test improvements to the game. While we had hoped to launch the game in early-November, we have decided to extend the beta test through the holiday season.

We understand that this delay may be frustrating for you, and we apologize for not being in a position to launch the game sooner. However, we firmly believe that in order to provide the best possible game and service experience, Shadowbane must release when it is ready and not sooner. The moment we are confident with a new release date, we will give you the news. Meanwhile, we will continue to keep you posted through Shadowbane.com and the Shadowbane newsletter.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank those fans who have purchased the limited edition pre-order CD at select retailers. The pre-order CD, which includes a code to unlock the three Shadowbane restricted races, is selling quite well and has already sold out in some locations.

In addition, the next Shadowbane beta release will provide a number of long-awaited enhancements and is looking better than ever. Current beta testers should look for it soon and for those who have signed up and are waiting for their confirmation to join the beta, watch your email over the coming weeks.

Thanks again for your support!
-- ubi.com and Wolfpack Studios

quelle: www.ubisoft.de

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